Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling good

Well, Monday was pretty successful overall. Unless you count the half Reese heart I ate, or the Dove heart I ate. And I don't, since it was Valentines day and chocolate has no calories on Valentines day. Duh. ;-)

I did stay within my calorie range (although, probably on the high end) and I also did a workout, so I'm feeling pretty good! Today my left calf is bugging me a bit, so not sure if I'll workout. I've already decided to wait until this evening to decide and to give it time to relax a bit. In the meantime, I've decided to start doing random squats throughout my day to try and lift my hiney up a bit. I have a flat butt and wide hips and I'm going to try and rearrange things down there! I've already done 20 this morning and if I remember, I'd like to do 30 more as the day progresses. C'mon, butt. LIFT! :)

I tried scanning some old pics for you guys yesterday, but my scanner pooped out after only 3 pictures loaded and they were just old wedding pictures that don't show much...but how about I post one anyway, in honor of the day after Valentines day? Here ya go!

How cute were we? I was begging him to be good when he went to take off the garter belt, but of course he has to be cute and stuck his whole head up there. I have a pic of that, too, but my stupid scanner isn't cooperating. Hopefully I will have more pictures to show soon.

Well, it's a busy day of laundry and running my kiddo all over creation so I'm off to get started. Have a great Tuesday! :)


  1. awwwwwwww. What a sweet couple! :)

  2. Look how cute you are!! Not that you're not cute now! ;) Your hair looks like it's so long and pretty!! I can't wait for you to put more up!

  3. I go to a class called butts, guts, tris, and thighs. So many different things we do for the butt. Here are some in case you get tired of squats.

    Standing, lean forward with a flat back. Support your hands on something like a block -- maybe a coffee table is a good height. Stick one toe out to the side as far as you can. Lift it in the air (not a kick, a lift, to engage the butt) and move it over to the other side and barely touch it down. Repeat ad nauseum, then switch legs.

    Ballet moves -- find something to hold onto about the height of a ballet barre -- your elbow should be a little lower than your hand. Hold on for balance, not to lean on. Put your heels together and turn your toes out. Slide your socked foot forward, keeping your hip turned out, pointing the foot, then slide it back. Repeat a ton. Then slide your foot to the side, at a somewhat forward angle, whatever angle your turnout is. Then to the back -- not straight back but slightly angled. Turn and repeat on the other side. You can also lift your foot after sliding it out -- again, not a kick, but a lift.

    Similar, but lying down. Lie on your side, supporting your head with your hand. 1. Keep your knees facing forward and lift the top leg up and down. Repeat. 2. Lift the top leg slightly, flex the foot, and move it forward without turning your pelvis or shoulders, then point and move it backward. Repeat. 3. Turn your hip out so your knee points toward the ceiling. Lift and lower the leg. 4. Leg circles with the top leg. 5. Bring top leg forward and tap the floor, then lift it up and over and tap the floor behind you. Don't let your body tilt.