Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheat day regrets!

So I decided yesterday would be my 'cheat' day. I hear many people giving themselves a day of slightly more calories once a week. Heck, even Bob on Biggest Loser recommends it so it must be a good idea, right?

Maybe not.

Yesterday was the day we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and mother in law and that involves lots of really bad food. My contribution? A big salad. I figured I'd mostly munch my big salad and all would be well. Good plan, bad execution!

My plate was half salad (good), a small portion of chicken salad without the croissant (acceptable), some strawberries (excellent), and this cream cheese filled pinwheel thing (bad...but only ONE). Not too shabby overall. Then I tried the pinwheel thing. It was simply delicious. Unlike anything I'd ever eaten before!

So, I got two more, of course!

Still not a disaster, right? Dessert time comes along and there is cake, chocolate chip cheesecake (oh my), and my favorite dessert of ALL TIME: rolly polly. Now, let me explain a rolly polly to you. It is pie crust smothered in butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar and then rolled up and baked. It is heavenly. It was still warm from the oven...

And I had two peices. Sigh.

Well, I decided that I'd do better at the mother-in-laws house. When we got there we discovered they'd already eaten so I was excited...maybe we'd just grab Subway for the sixth time this week! (I don't even think that's an exaggeration)

BUT. In my hometown there's a local burger place called Kewpie and it is SOOOO good. Like, people grow up and move away and if you ask what they miss about their hometown, they'll say Kewpie before they mention their grandma. That good! Hubby asked if I'd like to go there for dinner and I didn't even hesitate.


I had a hamburger and half an order of fries and a frozen yogurt. If I'd have refused the fries, I'd not be sweating it as much but FRIES! They are the dieters nemesis!

Other things of note from yesterday: No exercise. Not enough water. Oh, and NO ONE mentioned that I looked like I'd lost weight. No one. Makes me both want to give up and want to try harder at the same time. Doggone it, I'm working hard over here...someone notice!!

Anyway, today is Mother's Day for ME and I have a plan. Grilled steak with salad and brown rice for lunch, maybe some corn on the cob, too. Walk with the family at the park toward the evening. Small dinner, maybe a Lean Quisine. And LOTS of water to wash out the salty residue of yesterdays overeating!

Happy Mother's Day to all your mom's out there!!


  1. I would have had my usual at Kewpie and not even cared: Hamburger with just ketchup, and fries to dip in my frosty. Yummy!

  2. That is how Gab eats her fries, too!

  3. The perfect mix of "hot and salty" with "cold and sweet"!

  4. That's why I eat popcorn with chocolate...