Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up a pound after a long weekend

Wow...the long holiday weekend was quite a diet struggle! First, I had no organized workout whatsoever. The closest I came to a workout was walking along a parade route Saturday as my daughter performed with her baton group. I spent a great deal of time in the van this weekend, traveling between home, parades, and visiting family.

Second, my water intake was way down all weekend, mostly due to being away from home and in the van. I have to pee A LOT when I get my water, so if I don't have easy access to a restroom I hold off on drinking.

Third (and most importantly) my eating has been atrocious. Friday night was the drive in, where I had THREE huge pieces of cheese pizza. Saturday was weird. We went to a festival after the parade and I actually didn't get any food (talk about NO good choices!!) although I did eat one of my daughters fried mushrooms...yum. I ended up picking up Subway, but it was after 3:00 already so my metabolism was probably all screwed up by then. On the way home from the festival we stopped for McDonalds ice cream and I totally got a cone. They aren't TOO terrible (150 calories) but not the best idea when I'm trying to lose some serious weight! Dinner was turkey hotdogs and I gave in and ate a real bun and ketchup and all that jazz.

Sunday we cooked out after church and had hamburgers. We don't do turkey burgers because none of us care for them, but get 96% lean hamburger so it isn't too bad, about 150 calories for my burger. I added fat free swiss cheese, grilled onions, and mushrooms to the top, no bun. It was really good! I had a handful of baked chips (140 calories), strawberries, and a salad with tomatoes. Felt pretty good about this meal, except the empty calories of the chips! BUT THEN. We got Baskin Robbins! I got the frozen yogurt, but still....I just had a huge ice cream cone the day before! Dinner was a Lean Cuisine.

Monday. Oh, Monday, how hard you were! We had a family BBQ to attend but because of yet another parade we only stayed for an hour. I was kinda having a bad anxiety day and a near panic-attack moment while we were there so I didn't eat at all. Off to the parade. After, my in-laws wanted to take us to dinner and my daughter chose a stinking buffet! Argh. I was freaking out on the way there. I ended up with a small salad, a couple of red potatoes from the roast and veggies, some bourbon chicken and white rice that I only ate a couple of bites of because it was gross, a couple pieces of broccoli, a few pieces of raw green peppers and onions, spaghetti and tomato sauce, a ton of grilled chicken strips, more spaghetti (!), and a few bites of hubby's roasted chicken and steak.

Then, I hit the dessert bar.

Oh, yes I did.

I took one of the little bowls they have there (I used to take a plate, so progress) and got a bit of banana pudding (with the nilla wafers) and peach cobbler. Can I just say that they were DIVINE? Oh my. I so wanted some of the lovely rolls and more dessert, but resisted. :)

When we got home around 9:00 last night I actually had the nerve to be hungry again so I had a bowl of Special k and went to bed. Sigh. This morning I'm up a pound since Saturday. That is not a good thing!

So, today it's back to business. I'm going to be doing my two half hour walks again this week, and I really should do something else, too. We'll see. This weekend I'm out of town again for my niece's graduation, so I have to be really, really good this week! I wanted to be at 143 by Friday, but it isn't looking good at this point. Oh well.

Oh, and I saw a TON of family this weekend and not one comment on my weight loss. Whatever. :P


  1. Could've been better, but considering what you were up against with the road trip, eating out, and spending time with family... It could have been MUCH worse!

  2. I agree. Gotta tell you, I wanted a basket full of rolls at the stinking buffet. Bread-ish stuff is one of my weaknesses! :)

  3. I agree, it's not as bad as it sounds. I wonder if your body is holding on to water from being outside in the heat and not getting any extra water in?

  4. Hmmmm. Didn't think of that! Well, I've been hitting the water HARD today, so we'll see! :)