Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend full of pouting and cheating...sigh

Well, I've been quiet the last few days for a reason...I've been pouting. I had my weigh-in on Saturday and had only lost a couple of ounces, even though I had the best diet and exercise week yet. I was mad, depressed, hopeless, and pouting.

So, we ended up doing a bunch of running errands that afternoon, to try and distract me from myself. We stopped at Subway for lunch and I had one of the good subs --- so far, so good. Then, stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream later and I had frozen yogurt --- again, not bad. We even went to the park for a 2.3 mile walk so I'd get my workout in (I was NOT in the mood to jump on that stinking treadmill after it had betrayed me so harshly that week!) and again, that's doing pretty well.

Then I realized how late it was and we had to figure out what we'd eat for dinner. My disappointment still ringing in my ears, I said we were getting a pizza. And we did. And I ate. Two cheese pieces. Sigh.

Sunday was a busy day. Gabriella was being 'crowned' and Honor Star at her girls club at church and it's a whole to-do, let me tell you! She had to get all dressed up in a white gown, hair done, rehearsal, pictures, the whole nine yards. We had to be at church from 2:30 to 8:15 and there was no eating during that time, except cake which I, of course, avoided. So we grabbed a rotisserie chicken for lunch before we left, which I ate skinless with a salad and --- oh dear --- a nice chunk of french bread. Sigh. I'd done so well avoiding all white bread and pasta for WEEKS! I rationalized it by thinking I may not get a chance to eat again that day.

Anyway, I also didn't get my water in all day, because I didn't know how often I'd get a chance to slip away to use the restroom...which I do OFTEN when I drink my water!

Everything went well, and when it was all over my in-laws wanted to treat us to dinner at Boston Market. I told myself I'd be strong...

I wasn't.

I started off good, I really did! Got a small, skinless portion of chicken, some mixed veggies, and red potatoes. But then I decided to get just a couple bites of the AMAZING mac and cheese they have. Tasted it. Got some more. Quite a bit more. Oh, and I ate my corn muffin. And more potatoes. And some cinnamon apples.

Oh dear.

So, I totally blew it this weekend. You know what though? At least now when I don't lose anything there will be an actual REASON. ;-p

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  1. Watch, you'll probably have a lose this week! LOL :-)