Friday, May 1, 2009

Becomming more active

I'm starting an all-out assault on my fat. I'm fed up with working hard and getting nowhere, so I'm working even harder!

What I decided to do is to try and keep busier and to try harder to get that second workout in everyday. Today I did both Core Secrets and my treadmill walk/run for 'official' workouts, but I also cleaned and swept out the van and sat on the core ball during school. I even stood for awhile while we did school, thinking standing was better than sitting!

Hubby, the kiddo, and I may go to the park in a bit for a walk, but it's been raining off and on so....not sure. My point is, I'm trying to become more active OVERALL, instead of just putting all my eggs in the workout basket. Hopefully this is the missing piece of my weight-loss plan!

I prayed for God's help with my weight-loss this morning, is that weird? I felt a bit silly, considering what my problems COULD be....but out it came anyway. You never know, right? :)

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