Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend recap

After a very busy weekend, it's actually nice to be back to normal again. Welcome Monday! :)

My eating over the weekend could have been better, but wasn't a complete disaster, either. Saturday my hubby and daughter had donuts for breakfast...I had two bites but I stopped myself there! Also, we had so much going on that before I knew it we ended up with pizza at 8:30 for dinner. Sigh. I did stick to my two pieces of cheese only...actually it was one and a half pieces this time. And a salad. So not too bad, but pizza twice in a week is going back to old habits! BEWARE!

Sunday Gabby had her church play and my mom and sister came up to see her. That always means lunch out, and I decided to just try and make a wise choice and not sweat it too much. They picked IHOP and guess what?? They have a 'light' menu! I almost cracked and got pancakes with strawberry topping (NOT on the light menu) but stuck to my guns and got a delicious piece of chicken with balsamic onion and mushroom topping, broccoli, and salad. It was really good and less than 500 calories. I did steal a few bites of my daughters blueberry pancakes, though! I am, after all, human, and there are limits to the tempation I can withstand!! :)

I worked out both days, Saturday an hour on the treadmill (I ran at a 5 for 5 minutes straight! First time I ran that long at a pop...very cool!) and Sunday a quick 1.8 miles with the family at the park. It's a shorter walk than my usual workout, but with the hills I think it's still a decent Sunday walk.

Goals this week:
*Some kind of workout everyday
*Add a bit of strength training (Hubby bought me bands to try out)
*Hit water harder
*More fruits and veggies...easy cause I am ALL about strawberries right now!
*NO pizza nights! (Hubby won't like this one)
*Two pound loss


  1. oh, pizza is my weakness. :)

  2. Mine, too. BIG TIME. :)

    Trying not to give it up completely so I don't binge on it when I'm having a bad day, but I don't think I should go back to twice a week! ;)