Friday, May 22, 2009

The monthly visitor who won't leave...

I have had a bad two weeks on the dieting front! I'm having some, shall we say, female difficulties...which have lasted TWO weeks now. Ugh. That means bloat, fatigue, and a general feeling of yuck on top of everything and I just have not had it in me to do long, strenuous workouts or to eat the way I should.

Wonder how that is going to reflect on the scale tomorrow??

At any rate, I've decided to make at least one adjustment. Instead of doing a one hour treadmill workout in the afternoon (which truthfully hasn't been an hour most days the last two weeks...there are even days I didn't get on at all!) I am going to do a half hour in the late morning and a half hour in the late afternoon. Mentally and physically it is just better for me right now...and if my day completely gets sidetracked at least I'll have the morning workout accomplished!

This won't work on days I'm out of the house, but I'm just going to adjust as the day requires. I'm also still meaning to try out the strength training bands, I just haven't remembered to ask Hubby to teach me.

The eating is what it is. I can do better, I can do worse. Last night was chicken stir fry (chicken, green pepper, onion, broccoli, no oil, low sodium teriyaki sauce) over brown rice...very yummy! Tonight is turkey hotdogs (only 45 calories!), corn on the cob, and salad. I'm relying too much on microwave meals for lunch but I'll work on that next week!

Next week is my niece's graduation and I'd love to be at 20 lbs. lost by then! That has become my new short term goal. :)

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