Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uh oh! It's about that time...

I am crabby today. Like, really crabby. Hubby is kinda not talking to me right now, cause I was mean to him today. I had to plug my ears in the van today so I couldn't hear Gabby slurping her push-up pop, it was annoying me so stinking much.

I hate to say it, but I know it's true: I'm PMSing. Argh.

This is only the second period I'll be having since I've started this diet, the first being right at the beginning while I was still pumped and motivated. I'm a bit apprehensive what this month will bring. I don't have PMS for a couple of days, mine lasts at least a week, sometimes 10 days.

That's a week of crabby, a week of off and on cramps, a week of hot-flashes and cold chills, a week of fatigue, and -- of course -- a week of food cravings. Usually, I crave chocolate, pasta, and french bread. Bad, bad, and bad.

Last night, I was so hungry lying in bed watching Lost, for the first real time since I've started. Not kinda craving something or just bored-hungry, but really seriously HUNGRY. After some consideration I decided on a bowl of Special k. Happily, it did the trick! Hopefully, it was a wise choice.

So anyway, here's hoping I can withstand my own hormones! The scale seems to be moving again so at least I'm feeling motivated again. :)


  1. Don't know much about PMS as a guy, I am sure it is hard to deal with especially if you are dieting. Special K is a good choice for a snack. I would suggest trying to increase your protein intake, it will help control hunger. These are some things that I take.

  2. You are doing great by the way. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I will SO take it! :-)