Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling blah and chillin out

First, I stinking LOVE Subway. LOVE IT. Had one for lunch and it is just so stinking good, and I don't even have to sweat the calories!

Anyway, I am feeling so blah today. Just tired, both physically and mentally. It's been gray and rainy for the last two days, maybe that's why, who knows. I didn't do my first workout this morning, but I am not in the mood to sweat that fact. I'll do it when I do it and if I don't do it...well, whatever.

Told you I was blah today.

I'm going to do something very anti-diet-ish now. I'm going to pull up the ottoman, grab a throw blanket, put in a movie, and chill for a few hours. I can hear it thundering and it's getting very dark...perfect chillin out weather. Won't burn any calories (and may add some, depending on the snacks that may or may not be consumed while I lounge) but it's just where I'm at today.



  1. Oh how I wish I could join you! Instead I've gotta go pick up a kid from school, take the two girls to dance class, sit in the hallway(!) for the hour that class is in session, then come back home and babysit. :0P

  2. Yikes. That is a lot of kid time, I gotta say. :)