Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ah, If only today was weigh in day!

So, I spent the majority of my morning in and out of the restroom and sucking down the Imodium AD, not sure what's going on with that. I did eat a TON of fiber yesterday, but I've done that many times before so, who knows. I'm starting to seriously wonder if I'm getting IBS, since this is a recurring thing every month or two.

Anyway, just for fun I decided to weigh myself a little while ago.

I was 126!

If only I could count that number, for I know it will be coming up again as I rehydrate and eat a bit. Ah well. If only for a few disgusting hours today I was only three pounds from my goal. Go me? :)


  1. Oh, sorry you were sick. If only when we lost that kind of weight it would stay off--it would be the perfect reward for having to go through all that garbage.

    Feel better soon!

  2. woohoo, Missy!! Not the best way to go about it but I'm sure it was fun to see that number. :) You need to post another pic! That's more than 10 lbs lighter than your other pic!