Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. My computer totally died...apparently it's the motherboard and that is just too expensive to fix on a computer that had other problems, so we had to purchase a new (cheap) laptop. It's amazing to me how much the price has dropped (perhaps the quality too...we'll see!) over the past few years since we've bought one. We got it for less than three hundred, including tax. Not that we had the money to spend mind you, it went on the Best Buy card sadly.

Anyway! Weight loss efforts have stalled a bit. I've found myself slacking more and more and I really need to nip it soon. Also, I haven't worked out in DAYS. Since Thursday, I think. Shame on me!! Today I WILL workout.

I had two McDonald's cones over the weekend, a bunch of bites of Gabby's delicious banana/caramel/walnut pancakes at brunch on Friday, Cold Stone creamery...fat free with raspberries but no clue as to the calorie count, about a third of hubby's FULL fat bowl (SO much better...not fair!), some good sized slices of french bread (one of my weaknesses), pizza (of course!), and I can't remember what else, but I'm pretty sure there's more. Sigh.

Well, just blogging here helps me mentally get back into the groove in a way. Writing all the bad food choices is a reality check I need. It's lunchtime now and I'm making turkey on light whole wheat with an apple on the side. Snack today will either be a yogurt with almonds or a fiber bar. Dinner is either chicken fajita's (I don't eat the tortillas) or chicken stir fry. After dinner snack (if needed) will be a 100 calorie popcorn bag. Workout today will hopefully be a 25 minute Firm upper body strength training session and 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I have a plan...that's half the battle...now all I have to do is WORK it!

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  1. My laptop I had before this one crashed for the same reason. It IS expensive to fix! Mine is still sitting in there not working. :( I'm thankful for Best Buy though - that's how we get a lot of that stuff and we pay it off before the end with no interest. :)