Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday morning weigh-in

Weight this morning: 131.2
That's a loss of only .2 lbs this week.

I'm totally not going to fuss over it though, for three reasons:

#1 I am on the first real day of my monthly 'time' and thus retaining water like crazy. I am so stinking bloated. :(

#2 I started strength training this week and did that for the majority of my workouts. They say to expect a weight
gain initially, but to stick to it anyway, so I am. Eventually, I'm hoping my metabolism will get the boost they say it will!

#3 I actually did very well this week. I ate right with only one major slip up (last nights pizza night was particularly bad...enough said) and worked out really hard every single day but Sunday and Wednesday.

With any luck, next week I can get down to 130. The plan this week is to take the weekend off of exercise (yeah, I know, but I'm having really bad cramps so be nice) but starting Monday I'm hitting the strength training again HARD along with some cardio on the side. More water (doing better but I'd like to still add more) and still work on bedtime snacks.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Good job, Miss. It's nice to hear you sounding so levelheaded, even though it's "that time of the month".

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love ya!

  2. Oh, I've started a Saturday morning weigh-in too (inspired by you), instead of just randomly. No gain or loss this week, which is the best I could hope for since I only worked out twice:0) My brother and his family are coming today and spending a week or so. So I'll do the best I can while they're here!

  3. I'm so glad to hear about your family coming to visit! I know how much you love that. :)

    I expect updates every Saturday from you now! That is, until you decide to start your own blog. (ahem)

    Good job on staying 'even' this week! Sometimes, that is a good thing, yes? :)