Monday, August 3, 2009

Terrible four-day streak of bad eating

This weekend has been a diet disaster. Seriously.

It has been the perfect storm of events that lead to me using food as comfort. First, my monthly visitor is here. Second, my daughter and husband are out of town camping, which has always been an excuse for me to pig out on all my favorite foods. And third, the night before they left, my husband and I got into an argument that never really got resolved. These three things led me to....

Binge city, baby.

I had decided ahead of time to allow myself ONE treat-type food over the weekend: a bag of BBQ Baked Lays. I opened the bag around lunchtime on Sunday and it is now lunchtime on Monday and that big ole bag is empty. I ate every. single. chip.


I didn't want to report this shameful development, but this is supposed to be a TRUE representation of my eating life. Truth is, I ate my feelings in the form of handful upon handful of chips this weekend.

Oh, and we had pizza two nights in a row. Friday and Saturday night, pizza was dinner. We were busy what with the camping trip, packing, ect. and I took the easy way out twice in a row.

Truth is, I am afraid. I am trying to put the brakes on this backslide...I refuse to let this mark the end of my change. A fall doesn't have to mean I lay here in my shame and continue to eat whatever I get the inclination to eat. I can stand back up, re-lose the couple of pounds I've no doubt put back on, and move on.

Here's hoping that's exactly what I do!


  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that that is exactly what you *will* do. Something just tells me you have great resolve. =)

  2. Yeah. Stop judging yourself, then stop judging your judging yourself. Then eat well for your next meal.

    That's what I'm trying to do -- not eating so well on our trip here.