Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clothes shopping

Today I went clothes shopping again. I'm getting desperate. My clothes are literally being held on by safety pins and it isn't attractive, to say the least. It is definitely more fun looking for smaller sizes, but in the end I was still frustrated. After almost 3 hours of shopping, I only found one pair of jeans and one summer top. Of course, I found plenty in the size I used to be...figures, right? I pretty much only buy clearance stuff, so that definitely narrows down the choices, but still. Unfair. :)

I'm going to hit the Goodwill hard one of these days. It is most definitely my favorite place to shop, but time consuming and patience requiring, for sure. Our Goodwill is huge and literally stuffed with clothes -- you can hardly pull them off the rack they're in there so tight! Lots of designer stuff, lots of stuff with tags still on, you've just got to roll up your sleeves and be willing to hunt.

I saw the 120's briefly on Monday, but now I'm back up a bit. I'm not too worried, I know why it's there. I've been dealing with a ton of stress the last few days and I went a little nuts with a box of Honeycomb. :) Nothing un-recoverable, though. Slowly but surely...

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