Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling whiny and stuff

Went second-hand shopping today. UGH. Not only are the prices higher than they used to be, but it is still too early and there aren't very many summer items out just yet. Oh, and my weight gain is more and more noticeable in what size I can wear and how I look in things. YUCK all around. I am feeling very whiny now, and I'm so very impatient to start seeing results.

Not that I'm even doing that great just yet, but that is another story, isn't it?

It is also my PMS week now, and I am lucky enough to share it with my teenage daughter so yeah. Party. We are SO on each others nerves right now! Fun times.

We tried salmon last night and no one really cared for it much. Hubby said it was okay, but the kiddo and I couldn't even finish it. Oh well, now we know! Guess we'll be sticking with chicken breast, chicken breast, and more chicken breast! :)

Okay, that is all I have today. Have a great weekend!


  1. What a miserable day; I'm so sorry:(
    We have a huge Goodwill here, but I'm always so disappointed when I shop there (for myself that is, the kiddo has no trouble finding loads of stuff).

    N8 and I aren't big into seafood, though our darling offspring loves the stuff! Mostly I don't even know what to do with it, ya know?

  2. I love seafood -- but so much of it is farmed, I'm not sure it's any better for you than conventional meat of other kinds. There's a brand of wild-caught frozen salmon fillets we sometimes get -- it has something added to preserve flavor or separation or color or something -- would rather not have that, but we can't often afford wild-caught fish.

    What's up with chicken breast only, though? I don't buy the lipid hypothesis for heart disease... I think good pastured meat of any kind, including skin, fat, organ meats, and so on, is healthy, as is coconut oil, real butter (especially from pastured cows), raw milk...

    That said, I haven't had the courage to eat organ meats, and I don't like to just eat the fat -- but sometimes cook with fat skimmed off of homemade stock, saved bacon grease, and so on.

    The studies that suggest that processed foods, especially white flour and sugar, are the major culprits for weight gain and health issues, are more persuasive to me than those that suggest low-fat diets.

    A trip to Goodwill is in the near future for us... just got out Amy's summer things and am surprised how many are labeled 4T and even some 3T (she wears a 6 mostly now). Gotta have her try it all on again... I like to look at Goodwill first because the prices really are fantastic, and then I go to Once Upon a Child because the quality is more consistent.

  3. I don't like salmon, either, unless it comes in a can. Isn't that gross? My husband laughs at me. I don't ever make it that way because it stinks up the whole house.

    My husband lost 45 pounds over the course of a year, and many, many inches. He did it by exercising (training for his marathon!) and also by making some diet "rules" for himself that he tried to follow 80% of the time. I'll be happy to share them with you if you want! much as you hate that you reach for junk food when you are feeling very glad that you aren't like me. I am back into a weight loss plunge due to severe panic attacks and the subsequent anorexia that comes with my phobia...I've noticed that when I am waiting to see if I will get the bug that my daughter got, I deliberately cut my portion sizes waaayyy down. The first day I hardly ate or drank anything at all and ended up giving myself a possible bladder infection. So on Wednesday morning I weighed a healthy (for my petite, barely 5 foot tall frame) 92 pounds. This afternoon I weighed 88. I think I'd rather find solace in junk food than in starving myself, because starving myself MAKES me feel sick even though I'm not, which leads to more panic, and the cycle continues. :(

    Sorry for the downer. Just be encouraged that you actually LOVE food. I look at food as a possible source of sickness. Every single bite is a battle.

  4. Shauna~Canned tuna! Easiest seafood there is. :)

  5. Marcy~
    We aren't against any other meat really, we just don't care for pork and the red meat cuts that are decent are just so expensive, so we only eat those a few times a month. And organ meat? Pass! :)

    1. It's a bit more work, but you can save significantly by buying whole chickens... and with many recipes you get the added benefit of a broth from the bones. I understand about the beef costs -- we ended up getting an extra freezer so we could get grassfed beef in bulk -- we get a quarter and it feeds the three of us for just about two years.

  6. Christie~
    I hope that you are well and didn't catch that bug! I am impressed with how well you handled it all on your own. I know I probably couldn't have. Hugs to you!

  7. Hey Missy!
    Sunday night I had a nasty bout of nausea but I think it was from waiting too long to eat; anyway, had a massive panic attack (again!) but then things were better...

    I didn't think I'd be able to make it this far. Somehow God has given me the strength I didn't know I had. My girl is feeling back to normal. And it's been six days, so hopefully if I was going to get it I would have already gotten it by now...