Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Watching out for the little things

So this morning I found out that a Timbit (a donut hole from Tim Hortons) is 70 calories. For one tiny donut hole! I've been eating them occasionally and 5 or 6 at a time. Sigh. No wonder my weight has creeped back up! It truly is the little things that make a difference, both good and bad.

Yesterday was so-so diet/exercise wise. I had a good workout, actually a really good one, a good breakfast, a good lunch, a good snack, and then a bit of a disastrous dinner. Lasagna, salad, and way too much bread. It's okay though, I'm going for mostly good, not perfection. Of course, if my weight doesn't start going back down then I will strive for closer to perfection, but for now I'm not beating myself up over it. Remember, I DID turn down Timbits this morning! :)

My mood was also so-so yesterday. It was SO rainy and gray and I was really dragging, but after my Bible study and workout (hmmmmm....connection?) I felt great for the rest of the day. Sunny and warm today so fingers crossed. I told Hubby last night that I'm finally (FINALLY!) having more good days than bad ones, which is a major relief. This winter was a bad one for my moods, especially February. I was sick and/or in pain the entire month, and my mood was deeply entrenched in a massive down cycle the entire stinking month.

I also turned 40 in February, by the way. Wonder if there's a connection with THAT? ;-)


  1. Wow, a 70 calorie donut hole? That's so unfair!

  2. I was so stressed this past weekend (my main pitfall for snacking), I ate most of a pan of brownies with very little help from n8 or the kiddo. :(

  3. My only reply right now is "Mmmmmm, brownies..."

  4. Yeah, um, I made them to take to small group with us, but they came out way under-done. Didn't realize until I was cutting them right before we were going to leave for group. I LOVE undercooked brownies, but didn't know if others would. So I left the pan at home... knowing, of course, who then would eat them all.

  5. I'm glad your mood is lifting! February is always a hard month for me, too. I"m sorry you have been in so much pain -- been there, done that! I am SO relieved that all that is behind me. It's even worth the hot flashes!