Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just a lot of misc

Well, I never did feel better yesterday, in fact, I'm still feeling a bit off today. Oh well, it isn't anything major, and for that I am thankful! I obviously did NOT get a workout yesterday, and my eating was ATROCIOUS. Sigh. Picking myself back up and moving on!

I unpacked my spring/summer wardrobe today and I am REALLY in need of some clothes! I never really replaced my warm weather wardrobe after I lost the weight a couple of years ago so I was already short on clothes, but now what I do have is in pretty worn out and sad shape. Off to the thrift stores I go! (Tomorrow, that is!) Whatever I can't find there, I'll look for in regular stores, but I really like checking second hand stores first. Much more bang for your buck and it is pretty easy to find brand name stuff that I couldn't afford otherwise! :)

Oh, and while I am still LOVING the early spring, I have actually found two things I don't love about it. One, the extremely LOUD bird that woke me up VERY early this morning and would NOT shut up, and two, it is warm enough to heat the house up pretty hot but still too early to turn on the a/c so it was really uncomfortable trying to sleep last night. Let me tell you, I am a WIMP about sleeping when I'm hot, which is really weird since I grew up without air conditioning!

At any rate, the temperatures are expected to reach 80+ over the next several days, and today I announced that if I have to, I'm gonna pop the a/c on just for a half hour or so to cool the house a bit before bed if needed. Hubs acted okay with that, but I'm not sure if he thought I was bluffing. (I'm not) His policy has always been no air conditioning before June 1st, but I'm pretty sure I've talked him into doing it earlier every single year! :) He loves me.

This weekend may be a difficult one...I am going out of town for a funeral for my step-niece, who actually died almost 13 years ago. She was only 14 years old (just a tiny bit older than my daughter is now) and she ran away from home, but then she completely went missing. It is a very long story which I started to put here but just deleted because honestly, you guys would think I was making it up, it is just that crazy! Anyway, they found her skeleton last month, and we are finally burying her Saturday.

I wasn't emotionally close to her, seeing as how I was in my late twenties and she was a young teenager, but my mom was her grandma and they were very close. SO, I will be there for my mom and step-family, and I imagine it will be pretty emotional. I'm just so thankful they are finally getting closure after so many years of waiting and wondering. Do I even have to tell you how often I've hugged my 13 year old the past month since they found my niece?? Wow, it is just another reminder how blessed we are and how quickly everything can change.

Well, enough for today, hope you are all enjoying the weather and all that jazz!

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