Monday, March 12, 2012


Oh my goodness, I am crazy TIRED today! Maybe it's the time change, I don't know, but I can not seem to wake up at all. Like, I feel zoned out, kinda zombie-like. Yawn.

At any rate, let me tell you about my weekend! Saturday was pretty uneventful, took my daughter to meet up with a friend and then I popped into Kohls to see if I could find any good clearance stuff. I tried on a bunch of stuff but nothing looked good. One thing I learned though...I do NOT look good in a three way mirror! Flab-city. So depressing, but also a wake up call that I really do need to be doing this again. It isn't just about the 12 pounds, but also a much needed toning is required!

Sunday was a great day, other than being super-duper grumpy before church. It was one of those times when I was so grumpy that I was even saying out loud how stinking grumpy I was. I actually almost went to get donut-holes instead of walking in to church with the family, it sounded like the best idea ever at the time, but I fought the urge and within a few minutes of being in church I was just fine.

After church we got Chinese food, but I think I did really good. I got a child-sized version of chicken with veggies and steamed rice...the chicken is grilled instead of fried and the sauce was pretty light. I didn't eat any egg rolls, or crab rangoon, not even the fortune cookie. Okay, I did have a couple of bites of my daughter's sweet and sour chicken, but I am only human! After lunch we had a few errands to run, nothing exciting, but THEN we got frozen yogurt again! I still got plain and it was good, although not quite as good as last time. (Why is it that things are never as good the second time?)

The kiddo had to be back to church by 6:00 for her youth small group, so after we dropped her off hubs and I went for a walk in the park. It was SO nice yesterday and I am just so tickled to have the Spring weather sticking around! It does WONDERS for my moods, let me tell you, but only when it's sunny. Today is rainy and gray and I am feeling blah again. Guess I need that vitamin D!

Dinner last night was Subway, no snacking afterward, so a really good day food-wise. I feel like I am finally finding my groove again, so hopefully this time the weight will actually move down where it needs to be again. Need to get to the grocery store and make sure I have all the good food I need and none of the junk that tempts me!

Well, my brain is still on auto-pilot so I'm just going to leave it at that. Hope you all had enjoyable weekends as well!


  1. Look at you, up and blogging again!! :) I haven't been on my reader in days so I hadn't seen your posts yet! I'm glad to see you back around and glad to hear how you're doing!

    I was looking over on your sidebar at your stats and pics - I can't believe it's been that long ago that you started all of this. How long have we "known" each other now?? Because we "met" long before you even started this blog! lol! Time sure flies! :)

  2. Hmmmm. I wonder how long it has been?? Probably since 2006-ish, I'm thinking. WOW! That is something, isn't it?

    Yeah, I decided to either blog again or give it up altogether, so here I am. Doing it in the morning helps, even though I'm half asleep and not very interesting or clever in the morning. ;-)