Thursday, March 8, 2012

On a roll

Well, yesterday ended up being awesome, so that is basically three good days in a row. Nice. :) Today is gray and rainy, and I'm not feeling quite as 'up' as I have all week, but I'm not 'down' either, just a happy medium, I suppose. Hubs and I just had an argument a few minutes ago so now I'm grumpy, but again...normal grumpy, not depressed grumpy or anxious-freaking-out-oh-my-goodness-grumpy! :)

Food yesterday was 100% on plan, unless you count a very small bowl of frozen yogurt...which I don't! We discovered a new frozen yogurt place near the park we walk in and it was SO good. They put a ton of toppings and yogurt flavors out and you fix your own however you like it and then you pay by weight at the end. All I got was a small amount of low-fat white chocolate mousse yogurt and even that was AMAZING! Hubby got low-fat cheesecake yogurt with crumbled graham crackers and fresh strawberries and blueberries...let me tell you, there are no words. I'll be getting that next time!

For exercise yesterday all I did was a 1.3 mile walk in the park, not even at a very fast pace, but the fresh air was amazing and the sunshine was needed so I think it was worth the trade off!

One last thing: I did a late day weigh-in yesterday (normally I do first thing in the morning weigh-ins before I eat) and I was up to 135! Yikes. I'm going to consider it my new 'before' weight, which means to get back to goal I need to lose 12 lbs. I'm thinking I'd like to do it by June 1st if possible. (It IS possible, but will I do it? That is the question!)

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