Thursday, April 30, 2009

A look at my day

Analyzing my food today:

Breakfast: Nutri-grain blueberry waffle, no syrup. I need to think of better options for breakfast, I'm pretty sure the ultra-low cal breakfasts are hurting me.

Lunch: Smart Ones sweet and sour chicken. Microwave meals are great for an easy, quick lunch. Oh, I could eat healthier by making my own lunch, but there are just some days I want a lazy lunch, know what I mean??

1st snack: Yogurt with sliced strawberries and bananas. This was delicious and very filling...I need to do it more often!

Second snack: String cheese. Just something quick to eat between my workout and dinner!

Dinner: I baked some boneless, skinless chicken breasts seasoned with Mrs. Dash and tossed them with whole wheat penne pasta and veggie pasta sauce, salad on the side. Okay, the penne isn't very low-cal, but when I add the other stuff, I don't end up eating much of the pasta. I also measured my sauce so that I only had about 3/4 cup. This was a very filling meal!

I did two different workouts today....feeling good about that! In the morning I did the 20 minute Core Secrets workout and then in the afternoon I did a 50 minute 3 mile walk/run. Right now I'm walking for four minutes and running at a 5.5 every 5th minute.

I do a lot of sitting all day, while I'm homeschooling my daughter, and I feel like it's really contributing to my weight. Today, I tried something different. I sat on my core secrets ball! I was more wiggly and maybe I was burning a few calories! It was actually fun and made me think about my posture more, too. I think I'll do that everyday. Every little bit helps!

Every single day is it's own challenge right now, just taking it day by day. I feel like I'm doing so much right, but still not seeing the results I'd like. I think I may try to bulk up my breakfasts a bit, but then I'll be over calories unless I scale down dinners...which is when I'm my hungriest. I'm just not that hungry in the morning at all!

Oh well. I'm just longing for the day when my weight loss is actually noticeable. My daughter has a special ceremony this Sunday at church and I have to dress up a bit more than a dress instead of pants or a skirt. It's so much harder to hide fat in an actual dress! I tried my only dress on today and it did fit, but I felt fat and exposed in it. How I wish I'd started this diet earlier!


  1. You will get there! You are doing so well with your eating, I'm truly jealous (in a good way lol) of your tiny appetite.
    I don't own one dress anymore...I feel so "exposed" in them. Can't hide my stomach fat at all. lol

  2. I totally LOVE the idea of sitting on the exercise ball for homeschooling -- being sedentary is a problem for me, too. I'll have to put a ball on my wish list.