Tuesday, March 3, 2015

And then the bad days come...

Yes, it has been a bad day, indeed. For some reason, my stomach is messed up and super upset today, which causes me to have panic attacks and horrible anxiety. Stomach issues are a HUGE part of my phobia/anxiety disorder and it has dictated my day, unfortunately.  I managed to not self-medicate with m&m's so far (don't ask, it's a thing for me) and I didn't even take an anxiety pill, which for some reason is something I continually resist.

No work out, horrible eating, stress out the wazoo, hardly any water drank (drunk?), just yuck all day. And now I've ordered pizza for dinner. Because duh.

I put everything into Sparkpeople and shockingly I'm still within range in every category for today, although I am WAY higher on fat consumption than a good (or even iffy) day. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day and I'll be back on track once again. Here's to a quick rebound instead of a complete surrender.

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