Monday, March 23, 2015

Sitting here, just sitting

I'm trying to get the eating back on track today but let me tell you, the PMS is strong. I have such a headache and I think my butt is fusing to the loveseat thanks to the massive amounts of inactivity it is experiencing today! Thankfully the housework and laundry were done well enough last week that it's spilling over to today and everything is good to go, because I do believe I'm currently in the middle of taking today off. ;-)

Being honest with you and myself, I just don't see a workout happening today, but who knows I suppose I could surprise myself. But. Not feeling it at ALL. 

I still don't feel too guilty about splurging yesterday but I know for a fact the next time I step onto the scales I'll be full of regret and disappointment. Right now it's just the PMS that is making me feel overwhelmed and hopeless and I know once it passes I'll get my 'oomph' back and kick myself in the butt. 

In the meantime, I'll be here on the loveseat trying not to eat. ;-)

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