Friday, March 6, 2015


Yesterday my mom came to visit and my diet was completely and utterly disregarded. I mean, I totally went off the rails! We ate lunch at Olive Garden and I ate my entire days worth of calories there. So, the plan was to skip dinner. Only I got hungry so I ate a bit of my popcorn, only 70 calories, no big deal. 

Then hubs brought home a pizza. And it was LOADED with cheese. Looked SOOOO good. And I gave in and ate TWO giant slices. So by the time yesterday was said and done, I had almost 2000 calories.

Major fail.

I did, however, do my two mile workout...which I am proud of, to say the least. I'm trying very hard to get back on track today, which is why I'm here. I can NOT let this be yet another time where I mess up one day and let it become two, then three, then completely giving up and gaining ten pounds again.

Not. This. Time.

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