Friday, July 3, 2009


For lunch I had Subway and some BBQ Baked Lays. Two hours later, I had a more chips on a plate. Three hours later, I was sitting in my comfy chair with the whole bag of chips in my lap.

I ate, and ate, and ate. By the handful. It was a full-on chips binge.

I didn't feel like I could stop. Honestly, I felt out of control. I had to literally go dump the rest of the bag into the garbage so I'd stop eating them!

Sigh. I can't remember a time since I started this that I've struggled this hard. To top it off, now I feel so bloated, sick, and disgusting! Why did I do that? Why did I give in after all these months?

Lesson learned: I can NOT have things like that in the house. Just don't buy them. Period. Honestly, I predict a gain this week, which completely stinks cause it would be the first one since I started. Well, live and learn, I suppose!

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