Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Still here!

Sorry it's been so quiet around here the past few days...

We had a STRESSFUL few days regarding my daughter going to her first week-long church camp. She wanted to go, then she didn't want to go, she woke up in the night like five different nights crying because she was so nervous, ect. After going back and forth multiple times and even having her all packed up and ready to go, Hubby finally told her she just wasn't the middle of the night just a few hours before the bus was leaving!! We didn't really sleep at all that night and it messed me up for a good two days.

(Side note: She confessed to me Monday that she's glad she stayed home. Bless her heart. She's only 10 so she has many more years of camp ahead of her!)

The diet is so-so. Just nothing to really report on, I suppose. I'm not really going full-force toward weight loss right now, but I'm not a disaster, either. Just slipped into maintenance mode ten pounds early, I think! :)

I'm starting to eat 'regular' food more often, just slightly tweaked. Last night I made taco's for the first time in months. I used 95% lean hamburger, Mrs. Dash seasoning instead of the packets I used to use, just a smidge of low-fat cheese, and corn tortillas instead of flour. Topped with salsa...SO good. I had two taco's with some brown rice and salad on the side. Felt great to eat 'normal' again.

Still struggling with late-night eating. Made it three nights in a row without anything but then last night I had a bowl of Special K. Oh least it wasn't chips! They continue to be a huge craving for me.

Workouts are still less than what they used to be. Yesterday I did 45 minutes on goal for this week is 45 minutes at least 4 times. I think I have to build back up to doing more. For whatever reason, I lost some stamina somewhere along the way!

So...that's all. Nothing new. Not sure what my weigh-in goal is for the week. Maybe just to be a solid 33 lbs again...I loved that 30 lbs lost thing!


  1. Oh Missy -
    I was wondering what happened with the summer camp thing. I totally understand your daughter's anxiety. My daughter didn't get nervous until we were about five minutes away from the camp on a 2.5 hour drive! THEN she started getting cold feet. She was fine when she learned that one of her homeschooled buddies was in her cabin...and at the end of the week, she wasn't ready to go home!

    It does seem that this just wasn't the year for your sweetie. I hope you do something fun with her this week just the two of you. My daughter and I enjoy doing those silly Mad Libs together. Corny, I know, but we laugh ourselves silly.

    Have a beautiful rest of your day!