Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday weekend

We spent the weekend in my hometown once again and while I didn't do perfectly, I didn't splurge the entire time, either!

Saturday I had my egg whites and toast for breakfast while the rest of the family had donuts...wildly patting myself on the back for that one! Donuts used to be a major weakness for me! I was telling Hubby that I'm not going to declare I'll never eat a donut again...but I'm going to save them for when I feel like I NEED one, know what I mean??

Anyway, lunch was Subway with a bag of baked chips. (Single serving pack this time. I've learned my lesson!) Dinner was a grilled out hamburger (no bun) with grilled veggies on top and brocoli and green beans on the side. (Everyone else had lemon meringue pie for dessert, but it wasn't even a temptation for me since I don't care for it at all.) My snack on the way to the fireworks was one of my fiber bars, which I still LOVE. :)

Sunday. Oh Sunday. No breakfast since we were hurrying to church. The service lasted way longer than we're used to at our church so that was a BIG mistake! By the time we were out, I was ready to agree to anything. My daughter really wanted Godfather's Pizza, so off we went.

No cheese pizza this time! It was deep dish pizza with the works AND breadsticks on the side! I had TWO huge breadsticks with cheese dipping sauce and a huge slice of pizza. YUMMY, I must admit! Then later I munched about half of another slice of pizza in the car. :)

Dessert. We all went to the Dairy King and although I was good and didn't order anything, I did 'help' my husband by eating about 1/3 of his banana split!

Dinner was a Lean Cuisine, followed by a bowl of cereal. I'm all about cereal before bed these days, a habit I really should get a grip on soon!

So, not a complete disaster but I really could have done better. I did a quick weigh-in this morning to gauge the damage and I'm actually weighing in at that magic 136 this morning! Of course, it isn't 'official' but I feel great about it!

Here's to a fresh week...


  1. I think you did really well under the circumstances. Great weigh in too. :)

  2. I think you did great! (((hugs)))