Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday morning weigh-in

Weigh-in today: 131.4
Loss for the week: 2.4 lbs.

To say that I'm pleased with this loss is an understatement! With that unfortunate binge on Wednesday, I wasn't expecting much (if anything) to come off. This time I think I know what I did right...I switched up my workout.

I read that if you do the same workout all the time, it can cause you to plateau. So...I did a couple of days on the dreaded elliptical machine. That thing kicks my butt. Big time. Like, two minutes into it I'm struggling. I also used the incline a few times when I did use the treadmill.

Next week is the week leading up to my time of month so my goal is just to hit 131 solid. I'm also going to try and add more strength training to the lineup.

Have a great weekend.

Edited to add: Ugh. Five hours later and I celebrated my loss by another chips binge. I'm so feeling the PMS already. No excuses though...shame on me!


  1. You have now passed my daughter and weigh less than she does. And she is SKINNY! Have I told you recently how jealous I am! haha! Great job, Missy!!! :)

  2. Ah...but she is most likely taller than I am! I'm only five foot two. I'd have to get down to 105-110 to look SKINNY! :)

    But thanks! LOL.

  3. Way to go!! Did you happen to see my review of The Shred? You might get a kick out of it.


  4. I just saw your response to my comment and you can't use that as an excuse and say you have to weigh less. My daughter is 5'2" too! :) So you ARE skinny! :)