Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tastes change

Something I've recently noticed is that my taste buds have become so sensitive to what I used to not even notice. For example, when I taste something with a ton of salt in it, I can hardly stand it! All I taste is a strong salty flavor.

Yesterday morning the kiddo and hubby got their monthly donuts for breakfast. Hubby got an extra glazed one (my favorite) and I decided I'd have about a third of the donut as a treat. It was good (SOOO good) but afterward I had this way-too-sweet aftertaste in my mouth. I could FEEL the sweet, does that make any sense?

Now, I'm not saying I no longer crave sweet or salty things -- in fact, I've actually been craving salty SO much lately -- but I am just noticing the sugar/salt in a way I never had before. I guess that tells me I have
inadvertently 'detoxed' my body the last few months. Weird.

Side note: I'm up a pound from that great weigh-in I had on Saturday. Not that the donut had anything to do with that...

:) Hanging in there...

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  1. TOTALLY makes sense to me. I had a bite of delicious wedding cake this weekend at a friend's wedding. It was delicious when I tasted it, but it had a way too sweet aftertaste that stayed with me for hours. Yuck!

    The yuck factor doesn't stop me from my current craving of brownies, though. Maybe somebody else can get married and have brownies so I don't feel guilty for taking a bite of one. ;o)