Thursday, July 9, 2009

Really living

Well, I FINALLY did a workout today! Two miles run/walk already, and hopefully two more later tonight. Funny thing is, it really did feel good to be moving! Why do I avoid it so much?

Went to the zoo yesterday with the kiddo and hubby...made me realize how much BETTER I feel now compared to almost 30 pounds ago. It didn't feel like such a chore to be there, know what I mean? Walking wasn't exhausting. I actually jogged up and down the steps, it just felt so good. Amazing that I let myself stay big for so long, without really even trying to change.

I am sad to think of what I've missed out on because of feeling tired, or sluggish, or just plain fat. How often I stayed home when I didn't have to. How many times I should have run around having fun with my daughter instead of sitting on the bench. The pictures I avoided being in with her. We have so many of her and my husband, but so few with me. I have been watching life pass by and that's such a shame!

Not anymore. I am using this chance to get out there and LIVE. Enjoy life! God has blessed me SO much and I'm longing to use everyday to experience that blessing instead of hiding out of lethargy or shame. Losing this weight IS worth it. It's worth every skipped treat, every forced workout, every calorie I count.

I'm just glad I realized it before my daughter was grown. I have to keep going. Not only toward my goal, but toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that I can have a life that I can truly LIVE!

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  1. I remember the younger years when my son would sit on the floor and play and play...I couldn't sit on the floor for more than a couple minutes, too uncomfortable.

    I don't have many pictures with him, either. We've started taking more even though I'm still fat. I am who I am and even though I'm changing, I don't want to lose any more memories.