Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yogurt and artificial sweeteners

No pics today. PMS has hit me like a brick to the head. Grumpy. Tired. Cramps. Headache. Don't care to take the time for pictures and whatnot. Just trying to not eat my way through the kitchen.

So this is a good time to ask about something that has me perplexed...yogurt. I've been getting the Dannon Light and Fit for years, because it's really good and low cal. HOWEVER. I just started reading up on Aspartame (which is in this yogurt) and other artificial sweeteners and frankly, it all has me a bit freaked. So, I took a long look at the yogurt isle and quickly learned that yogurt without artificial sweetener is very high in I have no idea WHAT to do.

I tried the greek yogurt that a lot of dieters recommend and EWWWW. I hate plain flavored yogurt, so that's out. I refuse to burn 200+ calories on a cup of yogurt, so they are out. Anyone have a middle ground they've found? Yogurt advice to give? Anything?

Hoping the hormones retreat soon~


  1. Sorry, you'll get no help from me. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners as well; plain yogurt is yucky; and sweetened has too much sugar and a ton of calories... Might as well eat ice cream, which I like sooo much better anyway;0)

  2. Hey Missy! I don't eat yogurt, but my husband eats plain yogurt with his cereal. He pours a bowl of granola and adds a couple dollops of plain yogurt and mixes it all up. Sometimes he adds fresh fruit.

    Could you try plain yogurt and mix in your own fruit and a tiny bit of honey?

  3. You've gotta be careful about granola though. Most of it is loaded with calories and sugar.

  4. Yeah, I thought of buying plain and adding stuff, but I REALLY hate the plain. Like, I'd have to add a TON of junk and by that time, I've defeated the purpose!

    For now, I'm off yogurt. Maybe I'll add it again when I'm maintaining. :)