Monday, June 29, 2009

Before pics

I never really posted many pics of me in the past...honestly, I deleted most pics of me from the camera, and the ones I kept were usually never made public.

However, I'm posting a few 'before' pics today, so you can see where I started. Some of them were even a few pounds lighter than the 163 I ended up being before my diet began. In fact, those jeans I have on above didn't fit me this past winter.

To be clear, I'm not at my 'After' phase yet, but after seeing these old pictures I am determined to get there! I'm glad I finally got the nerve to post these, because I'm going to refer back to this post on days I feel like giving up. It really IS worth it. I HATE the way I look in these pictures.

Also, I remembered to take a pic of dinner last night. We had chicken stir-fry with brown rice (hidden under that huge pile of stir-fry) and salad. You may also notice my calcium chew and chewable vitamin off to the side!

I think this taking pics of food thing is a great idea, because looking at the picture I realize that was probably a bigger portion than I should have eaten. It was SOOO good though! :)


  1. Your before/so-far pictures are all beautiful, Missy! I am so proud of you.

    You are motivating me to exercise. Maybe I should set up an exercise blog? Can I convince hubby to let me get a treadmill? Wouldn't that be a lovely anniversary present? I hate walking in the Texas heat (um, last week it was 105. I don't think so!) So I know I need to do it, but I have no idea how to start.

  2. I don't know how you walk to the car in that heat!! :)

    I LOVE my treadmill. It is what has gotten me this far. I'm much more likely to walk if I don't have to actually leave the house, plus I watch tv the whole time to keep me from getting too bored. It's usually me and Judge Judy!

  3. I would never get on the treadmill if it wasn't right in front of the TV. Hubby does it with the television off, just staring at the wall... I would not last a minute that way--how boring!!!