Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday morning weigh-in

Weight this morning: 139 lbs.
Loss for the week: 1 lb.
Total loss: 24 lbs.

Well, as much as I HATE the one pound loss weeks, this week I'll take it and try to learn from it! I was having my time of month this past week and I ate pizza three times, hit the chips a few times, have treated my water intake far too casually, and just generally not focused on my diet on worked out as hard as I should have.

Hopefully, I'll stay on track better this weekend and have more motivation in my workouts this coming week! I'm getting close to the goal so I can't give up now!


  1. Please Miss, I'd kill for consistent one-pound-loss weeks. Hubby and I have been running for two months now, and I've been stuck at a total loss of 8.5 lbs. for several weeks.

  2. Feeling pretty sorry for myself last night...
    Got up this morning and hopped on the scale, lost that pesky 1.5 lbs somehow, now an even "10".
    I'm sorry for complaining at ya:0(

  3. Shauna! Check you out!! I didn't even know you were trying to lose weight right've been holding out on me, girl!

    Ten pounds is AWESOME! Makes you even more motivated, doesn't it? I am super proud of you. You better keep me posted! Or start a blog...

  4. We have slowly been replacing bad habits with good ones over the past year or two... Trying to make it more about a total life change rather than just weight. Most of the time it helps me to think of it that way, but I was getting a little bummed about doing all the work and not seeing the results I wanted! I really needed that little drop on the scale this morning!