Monday, June 29, 2009

Pics of me, my weekend eating, and my first meal picture! asked for it, Shauna. I can't believe I actually did a pose (Hubby was telling me how to do it like he was a fashion photographer or something!) and took pics of me on purpose. Ugh. These are his "Okay, put your arm on the tree and kinda lean" shot, and his "Put your arm on your hip for me" shot. Notice that they are taken from above me...I've learned! The shots from above tend to be kind to my chin(s) area. :)

So, there ya go. These were taken on Friday when we went to the park for a lunch picnic. We may have gotten ice cream after. Maybe. It's all a blur...

The weekend was bad exercise wise (none) and almost as bad food wise. Saturday was Subway for lunch and a huge plate of whole wheat penne with sauce for dinner. Then Sunday was my 12th year anniversary so we went to Chili's for lunch (they have a low cal menu, I love that!) but I actually ended up leaving without eating.

See, I ordered a steak with steamed veggies. After waiting for the better part of an hour, our food finally came but I could hardly even cut into my steak, it was so dried out and overcooked. SO, I sent it back, but I never like to get it replaced when I do that...the kitchen people might do yucky things to my new food. (Why yes, I AM paranoid, thanks for noticing!) Hubby and Gabriella got their food packed up to-go and we picked up some Boston Market for me.

By that time (around 2:00) I was SO hungry that I totally ate most of my cornbread...which adds something like 200 calories and 6 grams of fat to the otherwise reasonable meal. Usually I'm good about ignoring the cornbread! Oh well. We went to play putt-putt before we ate dinner and by the time we were done it was almost 9pm. I had NO idea it was so late...the sun was still shining brightly! So dinner was a disaster.

Gabriella wanted a chili-cheese dog from Rally's and on the way home I totally ate a ton of her fries. (Their fries are SOOO good!) I also had a couple of bites of hubby's cheeseburger and a couple of bites of leftover pizza. I ALSO had a microwave Lean Cuisine pizza, salad, and strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. All this between 9 and 10 at night, right before bed. Yikes.

Today, I'm going to start trying to photograph my meals. I wanted to do this in the beginning, but I knew I'd forget a lot and I wanted to be perfect or nothing at all. Dumb. So, you'll see my meals sometimes, and sometimes (probably MOST times) you won't!

Lunch today:

Homemade chicken salad with romaine and tomato in a new wrap I found. They are only 50 calories each with 6 grams of fiber. Also, it's garlic and herb flavor, which is way yummy. I had an apple on the side. :)

So, here's to another week of trying...


  1. Missy, you look fantastic!!!
    I've always thought you looked great, now you're one hot mama;0)

    I know what you mean about photos taken from above... Once at a wedding, the photographer was taking pictures of all the family on the steps inside the church, and he wanted us to stand up near the top while he crouched on the ground. Those pictures were not flattering to anyone!

  2. I just have to point something out that is both bugging me and making me giggle...did you notice in one pic my right boob looks bigger and in the other pic my left one looks bigger?!?


    My lovely daughter caught me in the middle of dressing last night and asked why I'm so droopy in the breast area these days. Nice.

    It's true, mind you, but really. Must teach that child tact one of these days!

  3. You look great, Missy!!

    That lunch looks really tasty!

    Sounds like you had a fun anniversary weekend - I'm so glad. :)

  4. LOL, I hadn't noticed, Missy... but since you mentioned it, of course I had to scroll up and have a look. You're right! Well, if at first the one looks bigger, and then the other, I think you're probably about even. Now me, my left boob really is bigger than my right... and lower too. I don't know if it's noticeable with clothes on. I've asked Hubby, but of course he says "No". I don't have the guts to ask anyone else. I guess maybe I don't really want to hear the truth:0)

  5. Eh. A good bra will even them out! :)

    My husband would totally tell me if they did. He has no pity on me!

    Next time I see you (which I hope is sometime soon!) I'll totally check for you. ;)

  6. Hoping to come by your way before the end of summer... I'll let you know.
    Love ya!

  7. You look great! I could tell in your anniversary picture, so I clicked over here from your sidebar. Congratulations on your good work. (I'm working too...just not documenting it. I'm shy like that. *wink*)

  8. Thanks, GB! Good luck with your attempt, as well. :)