Thursday, June 11, 2009

Got a bit too comfortable!

I know I haven't been around much this week. I've been struggling with the realization that I've let old habits creep back in, I haven't been getting enough water, and I've been far too lax with the cheats. I tend to fit them into my calorie counts for the day, but chips and ice cream are still junk!

I guess all the times I've eaten badly and still lost are messing with my head, and before I knew it I got cocky. "I can eat chips, no problem!" or "Another ice cream big deal!" I assume because it's only 100-150 calories or I have room in my counts that it's just fine. Sometimes, that is true...remember my dieting philosophy: Nothing is off limits, just eat junk in moderation!


Last night I was in bed watching television with my husband and had a hankering for a snack. I was still below calories for the day so I headed downstairs...

And I grabbed a big bag of BBQ chips.

Opened them, ate a couple, and then I realized how much like the 'old days' that was. Munching chips straight out the bag in bed with Hubby. Bad habit, bad for my diet, bad all around!

I quickly took them BACK downstairs and grabbed a string cheese. Not what I really wanted, but a MUCH better choice!

If I really want to lose the rest of this weight and keep it off, I have to treat things like chips and ice cream as the occasional treats they are meant to be, not casual everyday snacks! I'm including 100 calorie packs of chips and cookies as well. They shouldn't be part of my menu every single day.

Back to the good snacks again: apples, string cheese, yogurt, baby carrots, almonds, ect. Back to carrying a water bottle with me everywhere. Back to making a workout a daily priority. I'm only half way there...I need to stop acting like I've already crossed the finish line!

I did a peek weigh-in yesterday and while I'm not up after the tragic eat-alicious weekend I had...I'm not down at all either. At this point, a pound loss for the week would be a massive victory, so that's the goal.

Oh...and I've started piling up the clothes that no longer fit me and having to buy a few new things here and there! I'm back into my size 10's and can even fit a few 8's, although not consistently. My bra's are getting just a bit looser, which is fine by me. I'd like to lose a TAD there...but not too much!


  1. :) At least you put the chips back, right? We all get off track. It's the getting back on that's important.

  2. It's good that you caught yourself!