Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday morning weigh-in

Weight this morning: 140
That is a loss of 3 lbs this week!

Feels good, especially considering what a bad diet/exercise week it has been, not to mention that I'm premenstrual on top of that.

It's weird. The more I think I screw up, the better I seem to do, and the stricter I am, I don't lose as much. Hmmmm.

Whatever. All I know is that every loss motivates me to keep week it's the 130's!!


  1. I am so jealous!!! I really need to just follow in your footsteps. I haven't seen 140 in YEARS! :( Congratulations!! You should be very proud of yourself. I sure am proud of ya! ;)

  2. Yay. Great job. Three pounds is a big loss.