Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bouncing back

I'm doing a bit better today, thank goodness. Still having that certain 'female' problem, but my mood is definitely lifted compared to yesterday! I've even decided to keep on keepin' on in the diet arena. Why not, right? I can be fat and miserable or skinny and miserable...might as well look good while I cry.

Kidding! See...feeling good enough to joke about it now! :)

My daughter is back with me after a short two day church camp and that helps SO much. What on Earth am I going to do when she grows up and moves out?!? Not going to think about it...

I ate pizza last night (again! I'm obsessed) and I was feeling all self-destructive and planned on pigging out. Of course, this is the ONE time I felt stuffed after only two slices! Guess my body knew better than my rebellious mind. Today? I'm back on track. Special K for breakfast and Lean Cuisine for lunch. Planned snacks are yogurt and an apple. Dinner is a tough one, as I am pretty much OUT of food. I'll cross that bridge later, I guess.

Saw recent pics of me and I still look so bloated and gross. Sigh.

I got my haircut yesterday. Actually, I cut it off myself after I colored it, but couldn't get it even enough myself so off to the salon I went! Twenty bucks just to snip a few stray hairs and taper the ends a bit. Took probably ten minutes. Oh well, guess it's better than walking around with crooked hair. :)

Maybe I even lost a few ounces! Wonder how much hair weighs??


  1. "might as well look good while I cry" LOL!!!

    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better!!

    Have I told you recently how jealous I am of your weight?? I seriously need to follow your lead. ;)

    Do you guys have any cosmetology schools near you? We have some near us and they are so much cheaper than anywhere else. A haircut is normally about $5! And the instructors are right there and check everything. I love going there rather than a salon!

  2. You know what? I bet we do, I've just never thought of that! I could even see how much they'd charge for a color job, because I HATE doing it on my own!

    Of course, I only get a haircut twice a year if I'm lucky. Seriously, my hair grows so slowly and I tend to snip the ends myself when they need it. I'm so cheap! :)

  3. You never did look "bloated and gross". You should stop talking that way about my friend.

  4. Hm. Perhaps I shall post some pics to back up my claim. Bloated and gross is highly accurate! But thanks. :)

  5. I didnt even know you had a weight loss blog! Well I shall be here after this! LOL

  6. I loved your comment, "I can be fat and miserable or skinny and miserable...might as well look good while I cry." So funny, but so true. :)

    Hope things are going better for you. We all have those off times, we just have to pick ourselves back up off the floor! Sounds like that is what you are doing!