Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Down in the dumps

I haven't talked about my down-cycles on this blog, so some of you will have no idea what I mean when I say I'm in one right now. Basically, it's a brief period of depression, usually lasting only a few days but occasionally lasting weeks or a month at a time.

The one I'm in now is mostly caused by yet another month of practically non-stop menstrual bleeding. Ugh. I spot for days and days (even weeks) after my actual period has ended, and the pms/fatigue/moody/yuckiness tends to accompany it as a bonus. Hardcore PMS for weeks. Yay me.

So, my diet and exercise plan is suffering GREATLY. I am so down and grumpy that I don't WANT to take the time to do anything for myself. I simply DO NOT CARE.

If I want pizza, I eat it. Whatever.

If I don't feel like drinking my water, I don't. Workout? Surely you jest.

Sigh. Hopefully it passes soon, but who knows, last month it was almost the entire month.

I'm sorry to be all whiny and pathetic, but I just thought if I'm making this a true diet journal I need to keep it real so I can track what happened later...in case I start gaining now or give up the weight-loss efforts altogether.

Cause that's SO what I feel like doing right now.


  1. I'm sorry you feel like crud:0(

  2. I know...

    You happen to understand more than most, that helps. :)

    Hope you're doing okay, by the way. Miss you!

  3. Try to not completely sabotage what you've worked so hard for. Losing 24lbs. is HUGE! What an accomplishment!!! Don't even worry about "losing" until you feel better; focus on simply Maintaining the weight you're at now.

    Just my two cents worth.

  4. Hey, Missy! I'm sorry you're suffering. :( I just sent you a private e-mail about some of this stuff.

  5. Hi Missy! So sorry you are going through a rough time again. I can empathize with the month-long-never-ending-periods. My last one was ten days, but here and there I'd have more spotting. BUT, I had a cyst that is now going away. And now maybe a fibroid. Have you seen a doctor about it? If you knew why, it might make you feel better about it...