Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Midweek update

Let me tell you, things are weird with me right now. I'm still having the slow digestive issues and it messes my eating and exercising up so much. I am shoving the fiber down my throat and not concerning myself with calories as much...not good. Also, I am so sluggish and bloated that I do NOT want to exercise! My mid-week weigh in today shows a loss...but we'll see how well that holds up!

I did the second half of my 'Firm' workout on Monday...killer. BUT I can feel the results the next day (very sore!) so I feel good about it. I'm trying to do it every other day, which means I should do the first half again today, but I'm still sore so Hubby suggested I wait again for more muscle recovery. Whatever -- any excuse to not do it today totally works for me!

Yesterday I was too bloated to think of doing my run/walk on the treadmill, so I decided to try walking on an incline for the first time. The beginning was so easy that I pushed it up to a 4.0 and did that for close to a mile...yikes. It was a workout! I did half a mile at a 2.0 and then a half mile flat! I don't think I'll be doing that everyday, but maybe once a week to change things up!

I'm finding myself cheating with pizza more and more. Like, twice a week, the way it was before my diet! I don't know what it is, I'm just constantly craving it hardcore. Last night I had two slices in bed...and it wasn't my dinner. Dinner was whole wheat spaghetti and sauce. Ugh.

My name is Missy and I'm addicted to pizza. Someone help me...please!


  1. Missy, are doing a great job. 24.4 lbs. is awesome! You are very honest in this blog, and I for one appreciate that because I can soooo relate! Right now I can't really fix healthy meals in a house that doesn't have all the kitchen stuff in it yet...but I am walking 4.5 miles each morning so I feel good about that. You continue to be an inspiration (even on days when you don't feel like it!!)
    Thanks for keepin' it real:) Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn. :)

    Your 4.5 miles still impresses the socks off of me! I'm going backwards in distance! At one time I was doing 4 miles a day, these days I'm lucky to get 2-2.5! Oh well...