Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here I go!

This isn't my normal blog--actually that one is being very neglected these days! The only thing that has been on my mind to talk about is my battle to lose weight...and that's a topic not everyone wants to hear about, know what I mean? So, even though it means having ZERO readers, here I am. I guess I just want a place to talk about each days battle, because each day is a battle when you're trying to drop pounds.

So, I'm going to be bold and put it all out there. I am short...only 5 ft. 2 in. and I weigh 159 pounds. I actually started at 163, but have dropped a few pounds already. Yay! My goal weight is 130, which is higher than it should be but I want to be as realistic as possible.

I am unfortunately a very sedentary woman. I homeschool my daughter so most of my day is spent sitting at the table working with her. My husband got us a treadmill and since the beginning of the year I've been walking around 3 days a week.

But nothing was happening.

So, I upped my workouts. First, I went from 30 min. to an hour, but that was really hard to maintain. (How embarrassing was that to admit?!) So the last couple of weeks I've done the walk four minutes, run one minute thing. I feel really good about this approach so for now, I'm sticking to it.

Still though, nothing was happening.

Until I finally admitted to myself that I needed to start monitoring my diet. Argh. I truly--truly--hate dieting! I am stubborn and just want to eat what I feel like eating whenever I feel like eating it! Needless to say, that just doesn't work!

So, I've been kinda sorta tracking my calories and since I have, the scale finally moved.

Well, that's where I am now. I'll most likely be up and down, on and off, grumpy and whatnot...but I really do want to make the change.


  1. Just looking back to see when you started and discovered you are already 5 lbs below your original goal!! And in just 5 months!!! Can I just say WOW! You are awesome! :)

  2. LOL...isn't it funny? So weird how it all just 'clicked' for some reason. Hope I can keep it off now...

  3. You can do it! I have faith in you. :) I still want to see a current picture! You've lost more since you posted your last current picture! :)