Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday morning weigh-in

Well, this morning was weird. I weighed myself when I first woke up and it read 151.8. That seemed really low to me so I decided to eat breakfast and try again. I had a small bowl of Special k and a cup of coffee and back onto the scale I went. Now, it reads 153.6. Okay...two pounds for a bowl of cereal?

This weighing in thing has me confused! Nevertheless, I decided to take the bigger number so that gives me a loss of 3 pounds this week. Not as big a loss as last week, but I'm pleased.

Goals for the coming week:
*Adding a 20 minute strength training workout on two days.
*Doing my walk/run workout five times for 45 minutes each.
*Adding more water.
*Trying not to weigh in every single day!
*Total weight loss goal for next week is two pounds. :)

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