Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yesterday rocked

Yesterday was amazing. I started the day a bit depressed and frustrated because I did a cheat weigh-in (note to self: STOP doing that!) and I was back up to 153 AGAIN. I ate a great lunch (turkey sandwich with baby carrots) and did the errands I needed to do. Came home, ate a great snack (low fat string cheese) and drank a ton of water. Did an AWESOME workout (for me) of running/walking for 50 minutes and hit one of my goals: three miles in less than an hour. More water and had another snack: yogurt.

I did a ton of house cleaning, including the bi-annual changing of the seasonal clothes, and had so much energy! For dinner, I made sweet and sour chicken, only tweaked a bit. I browned the chicken breast in EVOO (just a touch), with green pepper and pineapple, and only 1.5 tbsp. of the Kraft S&S sauce and put it all over brown rice. A bit blander than using a ton of oil and sauce, but it was still good and very filling. I measured EVERYTHING, which is unusual for me, and felt confident that I was within my calorie range.

SO, I got a great workout, had energy to do a ton of stuff, ate right, and had ALL my water!

If I can stop thinking of doing it forever, which totally intimidates me, and just do it one day -- one MEAL -- at a time, I think I can do this. :)

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  1. "just do it one day -- one MEAL -- at a time" I think that's the key right there. :-)